Manacor’s gardening centre.

It is said that we cannot look to the future without knowing about our past. That’s why in Vivers Llabrés we love to think about those days in which, in 1895, a visionary Miquel Llabrés started distributing around the island the trees which he grew in his own fertile and well-communicated lands in Manacor. We also like to recall those long journeys of one of the first lorries which were driven along the Raiger's muddy paths so as to deliver the orders of the peasant farmers, who would later on become his friends.

Today, four generations later, things have changed. The island is quite different, and so we are. With an increasingly growing exhibition of 30,000 m2, we have become the biggest tree and plants production and sales centre in the Balearic Islands. We keep working for professional workers in the sector, most of whom are descendent of those who once were Miquel’s customers-friends. But, of course, we have moved forward.

Even though we keep specialized in fruit tree professional cultivation, we also offer all types of plants for amateur gardeners, a great variety of gardening complements (pottery, compost and fertilizers, soil, tools…) and our decoration, furniture and presents selection, etc. Indeed, 30,000 m2 go a long way! Actually, we count on the widest variety of plants and trees in the Balearic Islands. Our specialty is endemic plants and trees: we are supporters of local cultivation due to tradition, environmental respect, and growth guarantee of this type of plant: healthy tree = happy customer!* Although, of course, we also offer more exotic varieties so as to adapt to all sorts of tastes.

We were saying previously that the island has changed and so have we. Currently, we cannot visit our customers one by one, as Miquel did, and we cannot know about their needs, their problems, their last harvest or if a plant died. This is not enough. The current world is global and, consequently, our clients’ needs and tastes are global too, and we’ve known about that for a long time now. That’s why Biel Llabrés, Miquel’s great-grandson and current head of Vivers Llabrés, and his team go regularly through the main national and international fairs on the sector with the objective to know about the latest market novelties and trends, new business opportunities, etc. This philosophy, added to a family tradition and our passion for plants, allows us to face the future with optimism. We hope to see you soon!

*A clear evidence of that is FRUITERS D’UN TEMPS: the recovery and distribution program on traditional Balearic fruit trees varieties which we’ve launched since 2008 together with Slowfood Illes Balears. It aims at recovering and distributing Balearic fruit trees which are endangered species due to various causes: the shifting market, which is now moving towards non-native species which have a lower organoleptic value and which are poorly adapted; the tourism pressure – which, since 60s, has propelled an increasing abandonment of traditional cultivation –; and also the huge price drop. Such situation, inevitably, leads to a biodiversity and agrifood loss and its repercussion on the landscape, on the rural world and gastronomic culture. Vivers Llabrés and Slowfood Illes Balears are precisely trying to revert such situation by offering the possibility of acquiring trees out of a 159 local species catalogue.

Ctra. Palma-Manacor, km. 45,5
07500 Manacor (Mallorca, Baleares, España)
Tel.: +34 971 834 888
Fax: +34 971 551 080
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